Email Auditing

Complete Zimbra Email Audit for your company.

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Backup Online

In real time. No slowness or downtime on your Zimbra email service.

Auditing and Archiving

All messages sent or received from Zimbra (including attachments) under your control.

Synchronization with A.D.

Users become email accounts and groups become lists in Zimbra. Continuous synchronization and easy to manage.


Sync Zimbra contacts, calendars and messages on your Android or iOS device without installing app.

You already know that ZIMBRA is the best choice for your email. Now its time to make it STILL BETTER .

Meet the ZTOOL


Developed by Zimbra experts, the ZTOOL toolkit addresses the key points for optimized email management for your business.

High Usability Interface

Automated Email Management

Lightweight, non-intrusive tool for Zimbra

Reduced licensing cost

Technical Support

70% Faster Backup and Restore


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